10 Early Warning Signs that You May Be a Victim of HIV

9. Growing Tired and Fatigue:

When the virus gets into your blood stream, it will immediately start to multiply. The body will also realize that there is a new unwelcome antigen and will begin producing antibodies to fight back. In the process, there is a battlefield and your cells need so much energy to fight. At the same time, the virus is sucking energy from your T cells and replicating. The process leads to the weakening of the body and fatigue. you will start failing to accomplish your tasks.

8. Fever:

It is one of the most common symptoms of HIV infection. Fever can come in different types, from mild to serious. HIV related fever tends to be persistent or at times recurrent. You might treat it but again it comes after some short time. In most cases, it is accompanied by the other primary symptoms of HIV infection.

7. Rashes:

Skin infections that occur abruptly after you are exposed to a suspicious HIV infection cause could hint that you are a victim of the same. However, this will only be likely if you have not been experiencing the rash problem and there was no logical cause you can think of. Rashes could also depend on the cause of the infection.

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